Stash Attack! She Uemura Tanzanite Aquarium

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new feature, Stash Attack!

Stash Attack! is the feeling I get when I open my closet door, and I see all those sheer plastic shoeboxes, full of polish organized by color, staring at me! So many boxes…so little time!

I spend a lot of time showing upcoming and new collections of nail polish, as well as nail art. I decided I wanted to revisit my stash now and then, though, to dedicate a lil’ love on a regular basis to an oldie but goodie!

For my first post, I wanted to share a polish that I wanted so desparately, but couldn’t get my mittens on right when I wanted it. I’m talkin’ about She Uemura Tanzanite Aquarium, from the company’s holiday collection 2008!

I wanted this polish so bad but had no idea where to go to get it around my area, short of taking a trip to NYC. While I do that pretty frequently these days, I didn’t two and a half years ago!

So I went online, hoping to buy it from Barneys. I placed my order, ecstatic!

Then I got an email telling me that Tanzanite Aquarium was sold out and would not be coming back in. I was refunded my money and left without my coveted polish.

I searched and searched (not even considering eBay at the time, though) and could not find a bottle of this polish.

Randomly, a few months later, I walked through a mall in New Orleans. I stopped at the She Uemura counter. And there she was. Tanzanite Aquarium. I am pretty sure my heart pounded at the surprise find and I hurried over to the sales clerk and asked her if I could have “this polish, please!”

And the rest is history.


Tanzanite Aquarium did not disappoint! It is a purple (maybe blurple?!) shimmer with fine holographic glitter. The glitter is subtle on the nail in indoor lighting and outdoor – it’s much stronger in the bottle than on the nail. But it gives the illusion of twinkling stars. It’s beautiful!

Everytime I wear this polish, I get to think of that random, exciting find in New Orleans!

What about you? Have you ever given up hope on finding a coveted polish, only to stumble accidentally upon it?!