More from the Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection

Previously I shared three of the Color Club Wicked Sweet polishes. I hated the lemon and mandarin-scented polishes, while the grape one smelled yummy. I’m happy to say that I thought the remaining scented polishes in the collection – lime, bubble gum, raspberry and “wicked sweet” were very pleasing to the old olfactory senses!

But the quality of the polishes, I’m not so sure about.

Raspberry Rush:

Raspberry Rush is a bright purple-pink jelly neon. It was still somewhat sheer after two coats. It smelled wonderful!

Yum Gum:

Yum Gum is a soft, sweet pink with a great scent. This is my favorite of all the scents!

Which leads me to a brief confession: I love all things bubble gum flavored and scented!

When I was a kid, my favorite Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers were Bubble Gum (and Dr. Pepper!). My favorite ice cream is Bubble Gum ice cream. Yes, the kind with the pieces of hard, cold gum mixed in! Finding it is difficult but when I do, oh boy am I in my glory! My favorite Philosophy Three-in-One shower gel/bubble bath/shampoo is Ice Cream Man, because it smelled like Bubble Gum. It’s ashame I haven’t seen it sold outside of a holiday promotional sale a few years ago 🙁

I own a Demeter scent called Bubble Gum that I picked up in New York City last year, at a Duane Reade’s when my mom and I took an overnight trip. I love spritzing it on after a shower. It’s a nice, clean, yummy scent!

The Lime Starts Here:

The Lime Starts Here is a really hot, bright neon green! I love it, it reminds me of an outfit I had when I was in grammar school in the 80s – a skirt and top – that was neon green and black stripes. The smell was pleasing, too! The only weird thing about this polish? It got bubbly and weird:

What’s weird is that those air pockets weren’t even necessarily near the tip or an edge where they could lift. What a bizarre thing to happen to nail polish during a day of wear!

Wicked Sweet:

Wicked Sweet is a pretty blue shimmer that was just about opaque after two coats. You can see a little chip in my ring finger in the photo – I took these at lunchtime, I believe. Wicked Sweet had a pleasant smell, but I wish I knew what that smell was supposed to be of!

What I liked about these polishes: They brought me back to another time, when I was a kid and using scented nail polish. With the exception of two, the collection smells great. And I like that there’s shimmer, jelly and creme finishes in one collection.

But as I mentioned before showing the swatches, I am not sure of the quality of these polishes. I had chips on each mani, and I only wore the polishes a day at a time. I haven’t noticed Color Club polishes being that chippy on me normally. Then there was the bubbling that happened with The Lime Starts Here.

I would recommend wearing a white base on The Lime Starts Here and Raspberry Rush. I believe the color would standout better against a white background vs. my natural nail.

I picked up my set at Victoria Nail Supply for $21. I feel like this is more expensive than Color Club collections in the past, and for less quality.

Have you tried these polishes? What are your thoughts?