Ulta Cocktail Hour

I like a good adult beverage now and then. Not as much as I enjoyed them in college or in my 20s, but I like the occasional beer, Woo-Woo, Bay Breeze or glass of wine.

So, I figured I couldn’t go wrong picking up a new mini set from Ulta called Cocktail Hour! It’s a set of frosty foils – that’s the best way I can think to explain it.

A package shot:

You can see the retail price on the package: $9.95.

The first thing I noticed about these polishes is that the names are on the bottom of the polishes! Hallelujah! I always throw the packaging away, so for me to have the names of mini polishes ON the mini is a huge help. I’d like to know the name of the color I’m wearing! Color Club did that with their latest mini packs, too.

So onto swatches! First up! Black Russian:

Black Russian is a silvery black – like someone painted crumpled aluminum foil. In fact, all of these colors are like that, so from now on I’ll just share the color that complements the foil base 🙂 My pictures were taken under indoor lighting at night, because I wore this as the base for a mani with nail art but still wanted to show you the color by itself.

And as I removed the mani, I thought it was neat how the silver is so strong –

Blue Kamikaze:

Blue Kamikaze is a bright blue. Blue is my favorite color, so it’s no surprise that this was my favorite of the bunch 🙂

Raspberry Mojito:

Raspberry Mojito is a light berry foil. I don’t know about raspberry mojitos, but when I went out for my 30th birthday a couple years ago, regular old mojitos were my poison of choice. I say poison because, well, the next day I didn’t feel so great 🙂

Cranberry Martini:

Cranberry Martini is a light pink foil. I’ve never had a cranberry martini, but I’ve had cosmos!


Sangria is a bright pink foil. This is a gorgeous color. Doesn’t really remind me of Sangria, but makes me thirsty for some of the fruity wine – homemade!

Overall, I thought this was a neat little collection. Love the finish on these. I didn’t think the names were all that appropriate. When I think cranberry, I think red. When I think sangria, I think a wine color. I think it would have been neat to have a brown foil called Long Island Iced Tea 🙂

Formula was ok. No real issues in application. Tiny bottles aren’t too difficult to work with. I like the Ulta pro line, and I wonder if we’ll see full-size bottles of these minis in an upcoming collection, like they did with polishes in previous mini sets.

What do you think of this set? Too frosty for your taste? Colors too common? Blue Kamikaze and Sangria made it worth it for me!