New Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes!

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The one good thing about living in a crowded area outside of a major US city? There’s a drug store every mile or so, I swear!

So that means if the Rite Aid by my house doesn’t have the new Sally Hansen CompleteĀ Salon Manicure polishes, and I happen to be next to the Rite Aid by work, I may score!

And, of course, I did šŸ™‚

Rite Aid had these polishes on sale buy one get one half off, so I picked up six. Mostly because I couldn’t decide about Problem Child and between Fedora or Evening Fog. So I got both the later and picked up Problem Child, too. SO GLAD I DID. There are subtle little flakies in there that I couldn’t see through the bottle!

Anyway! Onto the swatches!

Touch of Mink:

And one with the Cina nail art decals I used the day I wore this polish. Please excuse the blur…I was rushing when I took it…also, I took it at the end of the day so it shows tip wear:

Touch of Mink is a really nice milk chocolate cream. I bought Halloween candy a couple weeks ago – a bag of “fun size” Kit Kats, Milk Duds and Whoppers. Every time I looked at my fingers I kept thinking about those chocolates, sitting inside of the glass pumpkin on my coffee table at home…


Fedora is a beige with golden shimmer. I don’t know why but lately I’ve been drawn to work-appropriate neutrals like this. They really compliment my skin tone, which is fair with just a little sun left over from my late September Florida vacation!

Evening Fog:

Evening Fog is another work-appropriate neutral, but it’s got that very light greige going on, which makes it trendy, to me! I really love this trend!

Golden Ticket:

Golden Ticket is more peachy to me than gold. But it’s packed with glittery blingness! There’s definitely gold glitter in that sheer peach jelly base. This is a great holiday color!

Sequin Scandal:

Sequin Scandal is an olive green with golden shimmer and flakies. I like it, but I was disappointed. I expected there to be purple in it but there was not. And that purple-looking duo hint on the bottle in my pictures? That’s just the reflection of my red Phillies Tshirt on the bottle!

Problem Child:

Problem Child is a dark grape shimmer. I was torn about getting this color, but I’m so glad I did! You can click to enlarge the photos – but do you see the flakies? Subtle, but I love it! This is a nice purple.

Overall, I like the new colors. I don’t remember how many there were but I only got a small portion of what was there. I left the reds and pinks behind, really.

The applicator brush on these polishes is growing on me, however, I still wish they’d widen the bottle opening so that it wasn’t so flush with the stem of the brush. Anyone else find that annoying?

These polishes are the higher end of the drug store spectrum at $7.99 a bottle, but like I said, Rite Aid had a sale, and if they’re at Rite Aid they’ll likely end up at Walgreens and/or CVS!

What do you think friends?! Pick any of these up? Thoughts?