Sep 21 2010

Flea Market Finds a Stinky Experience

Over the summer I found some interesting polishes at a couple of my favorite flea markets. The ones I’m sharing today are odd. They smell funky and look funny!

While swatching this, I wondered if I was risking my lung health. The smell was stronger than paint you’d put on your walls! I have no idea what its name is, but it’s a pretty fuschia, and the bottle is interesting – Asian writing with a long-legged bird on the front and a sleek bottle and cap design that, well, I’m sorry to get vulgar but it reminded me of a mini … um … adult toy. For $1, it was worth a shot. But I chucked this one in the trash!

Is this not the most ornate polish bottle you’ve ever seen?!

This one is Foc, and the color is #58. It’s a marshmallow white. It smelled just as horrific as the fuschia polish above; I’d toss it, but I decided to keep the bottle on my computer desk as kind of a knick-knack representing my polish habit! This one was also $1.

As I was applying this silver metallic HX Nail Polish (again, no color name) that I purchased for $1, Mike asked me if I was applying airplane glue to my nails, the smell was so horrific. It’s ashame it is so obviously toxic smelling, because it’s a gorgeous color on the nail and quite opaque in two coats!

Lest you think the whole trip was a waste, I’ll share my great find with you – OPI Euro-mazing:

Euro-mazing is a gorgeous orange red with silver micro glitter. I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but it was quite the find for me!

Have you made any odd polish purchases?! What did you find?! These are definitely my weirdest!

  • inbal

    it’s good I didn’t send you any “top-beauty” NP in my package! LOL they smell the same, I guess… in markets you can find many cheap NP with all big 3 in it and smell like… how mike said? airplain glue? 🙂

    you can empty the bottles and use it for frankens – they are quite special.

    and the OPI is gorgeous – and looks great on you!

  • Lucy

    Maybe you should have kept the polish to franken. I don’t have any strange brands. It must be fun finding polishes at the Flea Marts. I like the OPI, pretty shade on you.

  • Kimberly

    I’ve steered clear of the flea market polishes just because I keep hearing about the smell. But, I do admit, the bottles are very fancy.