Venetian Glass Collection by Nubar

Glass-fleck has to be one of my favorite polish qualities, next to duochrome.  That’s why I gasped when I pulled this from the UPS box:

The Nubar Venetian Glass Collection is an 8-piece gathering of beautiful glass-flecked polishes!

Of the Venetian Glass Collection, Nubar says, “inspired by traditional Venetian glass, Nubar’s Venetian Glass Collection captures the brilliant colors and flawless craftmanship of the ancient traditional handmade glass of Venice. With vivid hues, a strong glass-flecked shimmer and rich color saturation, these shades are as memorable as their inspiration.”

These polishes shine blindingly in the sun! The application reminded me of applying foils. Two coats and I was done.

Onto the gorgeous shots! I included one in the shade and one in the sun of each.


Bronzo is described as a light red – it’s a fiery red with orange undertones. I can almost feel the crisp breeze of the fall air coming in through the car windows as I drive down a highway lined with trees decorated by changing leaves.


Vaso is a striking light purple, stunning in both the shade and direct sunlight. This is a nice burst of color for fall – not exactly hot apple cider but more like the perfect compliment to a cardigan. This is also a near dupe for Quirius Frozen Tears, which I reviewed here.


Oro is a deep gold. This is another great fall color – a warm gold to keep the chill out when you go on a night time hay ride!


Caramello is a rich bronze. I’d like to make a fall reference with this one, but now I’m craving milk chocolate with caramel filling sooooo….


And we need one more of Verde, to show the amazing shimmer!:

Verde is a unique dark green; I keep wanting to use the word “dusty,” but then you see all that glass-fleck shimmer and dusty just seems like such a bad descriptor. This color actually gets me thinking about Christmas, and mistletoe 🙂


If Bronzo is on fire, this is in flames! Arencia is a glowing orange – a smoldering hot polish!


Vino is a deep shimmering wine. Like taking a drive out to New Hope, PA, on a mid-fall Saturday, and having a glass of shiraz or cab at my favorite restaurant with favorite friends 🙂


Rosso is a medium radiant red. Apple picking, anyone?! This is my kinda hot, blonde bombshell-type of red!

As always, these polishes are Big Three and cruelty free, and vegan. They retail for $49.95 for the entire collection or $7.49 for each individual polish. You can purchase the set here.

I love the variety of color, the finish and the shine of this collection. Nubar does not disappoint – it’s one of the polish brands that works best for me, with very little, if any, chipping!

Verde is the clear unique winner for me, but I really love Vaso and Bronzo. Oro and Caramello, too!

What do you think? Will you pick any or all of these up? What stands out to you?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were sent to me for consideration by the PR firm/manufacturer.