Happy Fourth, Friends!

Even though I spent most of the holiday weekend at home, dealing with having shingles, I still did two Independence Day manis! And I did manage to stop by our friends’ BBQ yesterday – I’ve felt like a shut in since Wednesday afternoon and I really needed the socialization. I was starting to feel pretty down!

For Saturday, July 3:

I used: Orly Poison Apple as the base color. White Stripe Rite for the line and Kiss Nail Art Paint in Pearl Blue for the tips.

For July 4:

I used: Quirius Home of the Brave, Anise Lady Danger and Essence Nail Art Freestyle & Tip Painter in Silver Surfer for the middle line. I used small star nail art jewels from the Art Club Pretty Shiny Things kit on my ring finger.

So Happy Fourth of July, all! I hope you are enjoying the weekend! Even though I have been home dealing with this weird illness, I’m still having a nice time. I’ve been relaxing. Watching TV. Reading. Swatching and blogging. They say that stress is a trigger for shingles, so I’ve been doing the opposite of anything that might stress me out!

Hope you enjoy you holiday, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!