Jul 20 2010

Deborah Lippmann: Across the Universe and Bad Romance

The new Deborah Lippmann polishes make me go, well, “Gaga.”

*snicker snicker hahahaah* (or maybe you’re going, *grooooooan*)

Ok, so I’m not all that funny, but how about I just mooch off that bad pun and ge to showing you Bad Romance?!

In the sun:

In the shade:

Close-up of texture:

Bad Romance is a black jelly base with purple regular and hex glitters. The hex glitters look suspended in the jelly, and the whole thing just reminds me of the constellations and night sky. This is gorgeous! I needed three coats for opacity.

Of Bad Romance, Deborah Lippman said, “Bad Romance was inspired by last winter’s Ruby Red Slippers. I loved this shade so much and wanted to keep that sheer black base but take it into 2011. I was manicuring Lady Gaga for a photo shoot recently and thought to myself, “What would Gaga do?” The result was Bad Romance, a moody and dark yet brilliantly provocative glitter polish – a Gaga-blackened fuschia. The chunky sequin shade captures the high-fashion feel of Gaga’s signature style and the bold statement of the namesake song.”

Next up is Across the Universe!

In the sun (or what I could find of it the day I wore this…):

In the shade:

And a close-up showing texture:

Please know that this polish is so much more sparkly than my pics show it! Across the Universe is a gorgeous sheer navy jelly base with light blue and green hex glitter, and regular blue glitter. This took three coats to be opaque but it is AMAZING once it’s built up. I don’t own anything like this; as I said, it sparkled in real life, even though I didn’t have much sun the day I wore it. If Bad Romance is like the night sky, then Across the Universe is like the looking down at Earth at night, on your nails 🙂

Of Across the Universe, Deborah Lippman said, “An uber-chic male friend of mine called me late one Thursday night and was insistent we try to capture all of space and time in a bottle! The next night he took me up for my first trip to the Museum of Natural History to see the show at the Hayden Planetarium and I instantly knew what he was talking about. After some experimentation, I developed Across the Universe, a blazing blue and metallic green glam glitter blend in a sheerest navy base.”

Across the Universe shows some slight tip wear as I took the pictures in late afternoon, and I’d been wearing it almost a full day.

I was worried that I wouldn’t get opacity and that the polishes would be too sheer, but I was glad a third coat fixed that up. Across the Universe took a great acetone effort to take off, but was well worth it. Application was good – got some rogue hex glitters on my cuticles every now and then, but not too bad. I didn’t have any rogue hex glitters when applying Bad Romance.

The last Deborah Lippmann polish I bought was Happy Birthday, and I paired it with a white frost. You can see it here. Actually, I also bought the All that Jazz trio from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this month, and you’ll be seeing that here soon, too! I wore Lady Sings the Blues for my anniversary mani when Mike and I went to dinner to celebrate our three years of togetherness Saturday 🙂

One more thought. I actually think these polishes are prettier than Ruby Red Slippers, but I’m a blue fanatic and prefer these colors over red. I also did only two coats of RRS, and I believe that if I wear three coats of RRS next time, instead of two, that I’ll like it more.

You can find these two glitters at Nordstrom, Barneys NY, Neiman Marcus and online at Deborah Lippmann. These retail for $18 a piece on Nordstrom’s site, although I only see Across the Universe listed right now.

Disclaimer: The products in this post were sent to me by the PR firm/manufacturer for review.

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    Music is my life ! I love music. Especially Lady Gaga and the lovely Akon! Thank you for this blog, adding it to my favs ,)

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    This site is so great that i will honor it with my comment 🙂

  • Sanna

    Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a hold of these? I live in stupid Sweden so I need a website that ship internationally but can’t find any :'(((

  • Jen

    Ooh these look awesome! And I think you’re funny 😉

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      LOL thanks!

  • http://www.TealToes.org Carey

    Love Across the Universe (and Happy Birthday)– teal-ish??

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      Carey – yes … but there’s a teal in the OPI Swiss collection that I can’t wait for you to see! I’ll be swatching this weekend and posting next week!!

  • http://www.magic-maid.net/ Nicole

    I hope mine come in soon, I can’t WAIT to get my paws on them! I’ve been looking every day. Your shots of these are GREAT Judy! Gorgeous colors.

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      I hope so too Nicole!!! They’ll look HOT on your nails girl!

  • http://www.nailstah.com Nailstah

    omgoodness Judy.. These are AMAZINGLY gorgeous. I want =[ hahaha

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      LOL They are gorgeous! I agree! These are “I can’t stop staring at my nails with this on” good!

  • Lucy

    I’m waiting for my package from Nordstrom’s! These are gorgeous. I swore I wouldn’t order any Lippmann polishes after that Funky Chunky. I broke my promise with these. I also ordered Happy Birthday and a few others from her website when there was 20% off. I can’t wait to get these new ones. Happy Anniversary to you and Mike!

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      Hi Lucy! I know, Funky Chunky had me scared, but I did love Marquee Moon, so I didn’t give up! I’m thrilled with these polishes! They’re getting rave reviews! PITA removal, though, be warned!