Jul 04 2010

Be a Follower Freebies Contest!

Hello, all!

Happy Fourth of July! I have a surprise giveaway to share with you on this holiday!!

As you know (especially if you’re here, reading it!) I recently took the plunge and made my blog my own – BeautyJudy.com!

In celebration of doing this, I’m having a “Be a Follower Freebie Contest” otherwise known as, “help me spread the word that I’ve moved! And win cool stuff, too, Contest!”

Here’s the prizes:

A closer look at what’s included:

Revlon Fantasy Lengths false lashes in Intensifying, Revlon Runway Collection false nails in Sequins and Mystic (samples provided by company).

Top left: Reviva Labs Light Cream Sun Protective Moisturizer (sample provided by company), Portico Rich Body Cream in The Hedonist (Amber and Olivewood….sample provided by the company) and a lipstick organizer!

Sticks of fimo nail art!

From left to right: Shades by Barielle in Putt-E-On-Me, Quirius in Lavendar Bouquet, Autumn Bronze (it’s missing it’s lil name sticker!) and Windsor (Quirius samples from the company).

From left to right: Maybelline Express Finish in Sunlit Coral, Vanishing Venus (yes, the HTF!!), Matte Ruby and Shimmer Shell.

A brand new, black wristlet!

Top: folding brush with mirror. Bottom, left to right: Sally Hansen Salon in Plum It, Sally Hansen Hard Shine in Opulent Frost and Sally Hansen Salon in Cherry Glaze.

Phew! There are a couple other goodies I’m throwing in, but those are a surprise!

I’d like to thank the companies who have provided me samples or extras of something, as I’ve marked above where samples were contributed!

Here’s the rules!

Be a follower – there are multiple ways, and more than one chance, to win!

1 entry: Follow on Google Friends Connect! Click on the link in the left side bar!

1 entry: Follow on Twitter – @beautyjudyblog. Click on the link in the left side bar!

1 entry: Follow on Facebook. Click on the link in the left sidebar!

1 entry: Put BeautyJudy.com in your blogroll!

1 entry: Tweet about the contest, and make sure you put @beautyjudyblog and a link back to the post in your tweet! That way, I’ll see that you’ve tweeted it!

1 entry: If you already have me in your blogroll, change my url in your blogroll (if you have a blog and you follow but haven’t yet)! There’s no real way for me to know that you’ve done this, so I’m going on the honor system with this one!

2 entries: Blog about the contest! Please feel free to take the photo(s) if you’d like!

2 entries: Post about the contest in your sidebar on your blog for the duration of the contest, and feel free to take the photo(s) if you’d like!

If you already follow, if you’ve already been a Twitter, FB or GFC etc follower, if you’ve already updated your blogroll…please let me know that in the comments as well!

Please leave me a comment and let me know all the ways that you’ve entered to win this prize! Otherwise, I’m not going to know how many times to enter you!! Please remember to include URLs and links where appropriate (like a link to your blog for your blogroll, or blog post or side bar) and your email addy so I know how to get in touch with you if you win!

This contest is open to U.S. and International readers!

And I PROMISE to get this package out within 24-48 hours of the winner being announced – I have been HORRIBLE lately about getting out packages. I still have to mail off the Lip Tar winner’s Memento, to Halifax, and I am so sorry for the delay. I can make a 1,000 excuses but there really aren’t any. I promise to be so much better about this going forward!!!

You have until Sunday, July 18 at noon EST to enter!!!

Thank you all for visiting BeautyJudy, and for spreading the word and love about my change!!

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