Jun 01 2010

Makeup inspired by art: Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele was an intense, turn-of-the-20th-century Austrian painter who had a penchant for drawing naked teenage girls.

He was notable for his self portraits, and his work was scandalously termed pornographic.

Egon Schiele died young – 28-years-old – of Spanish flu in 1918.

Why in the world am I giving you this art history lesson, you may ask?

Because of MAKEUP!

Schiele – and his studio – are the inspiration of a new makeup line called Egon Schiele Cosmetics – a mineral powder-based, paraben-free and talc-free line of powder foundation, powder blush, lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss and glitz, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.

The concept is great – “The face is a blank canvas and you create your own makeup artwork with the special and unique collection of Egon Schiele Cosmetics.”

I met the President and CEO as well as the Vice President and Marketing Director, at The Makeup Show NYC, where they were celebrating a bit of a coming out party for their new line! They said Egon Schiele is only about two-months-old! Here’s some shots of their offerings:

Look at all those pretties – and the clever wood palette displays!

The company’s website is decorated with renderings of Schiele’s work, and the products’ names are linked with pieces of Schiele’s life.

For example: Egon Schiele Mineral Pressed Eye Shadow in Wally Charcoal (Wally is the name of Schiele’s live-in girlfriend), and  Lip Gloss in Adele Live It Up! (Adele was Schiele’s sister-in-law). Those two are what I have to review for you today!:

Let’s start with the lippie, shall we?

The bottom line on this? I don’t like tacky lip gloss. And this? Is NOT tacky. It glides on your lips, and has a good amount of pigmentation. Here’s a closeup:

While the color didn’t stay strong more than an hour and a half (that’s when I touched up, before a morning meeting and after constantly sipping on a 24 oz cup of coffee), I like the texture and color of the gloss. I kept the gloss tube on my desk and applied about three times during the day. Price tag? $22.

The eye shadow:

This shadow was easy to work with, and is a great staple neutral for any stash. It blended well with two purple/lilac colors from one of my Inglot palettes, and Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Oil Slick highlighted it nicely. (I also used 100% Pure Mascara in Blackberry and Urban Decay Primer Potion as my eye look base). Price tag for the shadow? $18.

This is the finished look, which got me compliments ALL DAY LONG! From the time I got to work, until the time I got home from hanging out with friends. I was so flattered – and grateful after having spent the last seven days prior wearing my glasses and not allowed to put anything in/near my eyes except prescription eye drops:

The best part was that I applied my makeup at 7 a.m….and it lasted all day and night. I took this picture of my eye at 8 p.m.:

The makeup collection/fanatic in me loves this line for its creativity – it’s not just another makeup line, it’s a makeup line with a very sophisticated theme with which you can create sophisticated looks.

The only downside? The cost. $18 for an eye shadow and $22 for a lip gloss…I would rather see MAC/Inglot prices on these cosmetic products!

If you aren’t shy about how much you pay for your makeup, and/or you love art history, you have to try Egon Schiele! This line can be purchased through the company website, which you can check out here.

What do you think?

Disclaimer: The Egon Schiele products used in this review were provided to me by the PR Firm/Company.

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  • http://pgreenlee@wi.rr.com aaminahs mom

    great history lesson . the makeup looked very natural too!

  • Lucy

    Wow! You look so put together and lovely. A very professional look. I’ve never heard of this painter. Interesting story. Very expensive makeup but a nice selection of shades. I’m one person who doesn’t need another piece of makeup forever!