Jun 15 2010

Dollar Tree Finds: Sally Hansen!

First off, I wanted to say,

CONGRATS to HALIFAX! She won the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Memento! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your Lip Tar! To all of you who entered, THANK YOU!

I had a pic of The Hat drawing of her name but I don’t know where my camera is and I need to write and get to bed! I’ve just had very little time the last few days and I have no blog posts prepped. ACK! So it might be thin pickin’s this week.

But today, I have for you some old school Sally Hansens!

I find it slightly odd that we polish fanatics get excited at the idea of finding old,  sometimes non-Big Three Free polishes. But yet, we do. Or, at least, I do!

So today I’m taking a walk down memory lane with Sally Hansen 🙂 I will have many posts like this with Maybelline in the coming weeks, as I got very luck with the motherload at Dollar Trees in my area!

Chill Frost:

Marble Creme:

Risky Frost:

Silk Frost:

Zippy Frost:

Tailored Creme:

(This one was a bit runny and streaky)

Dawn to Earth:

Chocolate Nut:

So do you still have any of these polishes from their original release? Have you been interested in what the Dollar Trees have to offer in terms of older polishes? My favorites of this bunch are Chill Frost, Silk Frost and Risky Frost!

Thanks for stopping by!

  • Amy

    I’ve been loving this stuff, if only for the nostalgia factor. The Sally Hansens with the caps that match the polish color are dear to my heart, as are the old-style Maybelline Express Finishes – I’ve scored quite a bit at assorted DTs over the last few months, including SH Concrete Creme (looks just like your Marble Creme), Embellish Frost (pretty blue!), a bunch of Mayb glitters, and even the whole denim collection (the one with the jeans names).

  • Halifax

    Thanks so much, Judy. Can’t wait to touch and feel my Lip Tar lol

  • http://susyincolor.wordpress.com Susy

    I like Chocolate Nut! Tailored Creme and Chill Frost are pretty nice as well! My Dollar Tree doesn’t have much polish, maybe I have to check some other ones around here.

  • http://polishtopia.blogspot.com Cali369

    Oh you got some great shades – loving Tailored Creme & Marble Creme – I wish we had Dollar Trees in the UK

  • http://amusedpolish.blogspot.com amusedPolish

    I love all dollar tree polishes with the non-b3f formulas, they smell like heaven to me ^^
    If nobody stops me, i might even grow a second/third bodypart 😛

    • http://beautyjudy.wordpress.com beautyjudy

      LOL Nice!!!

  • Lucy

    I love getting those Dollar Tree finds. Sunday my girlfriend Linda used Sally Hansen Chocolate Nut for a pedicure. I liked Tailored Frost. Those are some different shades. I hate when I get all pinks. I do like pink but not 20 of them.

    • http://beautyjudy.wordpress.com beautyjudy

      Chocolate Nut is so pretty! Great pedi color! Tailored is nice but it was very streaky.