The ugly truth: My cuticles are CRAP! And I need YOUR help!

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So recently I got a couple comments on the state of my cuticles. One person’s comment seemed to be a blatant advertisement for a product and I hate that so I didn’t post it. I did post the other one, because as much as it sucks to hear it the ugly truth is that my cuticles are CRAP!

I’m-a gonna spare you the photographic details. But the skinny is this: I bite the skin around my nails. It’s a nervous, bored, stressed habit. THAT’S why my cuticles are crap. They’re dry. They’re flaking. Because I and constantly picking and biting at the skin.

I do this so much that I get little angry scabs, and boy does it suck during polish removal – nonacetone or acetone doesn’t discriminate with pain! Also, I recently did this so badly that I chewed the skin all the way to the pad of my thumb, and had a little wound. It’s healing now, but here’s what I mean (Ok, I lied. Photographic details!):

I probably have tools at the ready to take care of this – Diamond Cosmetics Almond Cuticle Oil, Mango Mend. But I don’t use them because I never remember to.

I’ve decided I’m going to pick a regimen, and STICK TO IT. And report back to you how it goes. But I need YOUR suggestions. Here’s your chance to say, “hey, you know, yeah. The polish is cool but the nails are crap, BeautyJudy.” Tell me what works for you, and why! I need suggestions!

My cuticles thank you in advance 🙂