China Glaze Up & Away: The Bright Cremes!

Yesterday the pastels…today the China Glaze Up & Away brights! Cause it’s Friday, and we’re getting a foot or so of snow between today and tomorrow night, and I need some brightness to get me through LOL! I will be very disappointed if the snow means that Mike and I have to reschedule our Valentine’s dinner reservations (we like to go before or after the holiday to avoid the crowds!) but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

I got the first package of goodies for one of the giveaways during my bloggiversary week, and it is PACKED! Part of me wants to tell you what it is but I think it will be a cool surprise to reveal the giveaways each morning!!

I am also excited that I will review for you soon the new Konad plates! The plates (M75-M81 AND S10) are arriving on WowSoCool (remember, discount code beautyjudy gets you 30% off!)  next week – the web site says they should be able to ship on Tuesday! They are limited quantity!

Back to the matter at hand! Brights!

Four-Leaf Clover:

Four-Leaf Clover is incredibly hard to capture! It’s definitely more green than this picture shows!


Heli-Yum is a bright, happy pink!

Happy Go Lucky:

Even brighter than Lemon Fizz, Happy Go Lucky makes me smile !

Flyin’ High:

Flyin’ High is a great creamy blue.

A Flyin’ High comparison (remember you can click to enlarge!):

Flyin’ High really is no dupe for any of these three other colors, but they were the ones in my collection I thought it might compare with. I think Laura’s Fave is the closest, with the difference being the shimmer and more sheerness to Laura’s Fave!

Sugar High:

Sugar High is a

Here’s a comparison with last year’s China Glaze polish, Laced Up:

There’s a subtle difference between the two!

Grape Pop:

Grape Pop is a gorgeous purple creme!

High Hopes:

I love this name. High Hopes. You gotta have High Hopes. If you don’t, you’ll always expect the worst and that’s just no happy way to live! Oh – and the color is pretty too 🙂

What do you think of the brights? Have you ordered/bought any of these?!