Well Hello, Kitteh!

I wasn’t going to make a special post out of this, but since my friend Denise asked (after seeing my mani) and we shared a laugh over the memories, I decided to!

Here’s the thing: I have a special relationship with a very special kitteh named Hello Kitty!

Years ago, at my first newspaper job, I had a bit of a situation. There was a guy, an intern, who had some kind of weird issue/obsession with me, and among many creepy things, he created “minutes” from a meeting of a fan club dedicated to me. I know, it was very strange. I thought he hated me, while everyone else decided he had a crush on me and/or was jealous of my having a full-time job in college at a newspaper. I don’t know. I’m not that quick to flatter myself!

Anyway, Hello Kitty was the president of my fan club!

So Hello Kitty and I, we’re cool!

Over the years (this all went down in probably 1998 or 1999) I have enjoyed a bit of Hello Kitty mania. I had a blingy custome jewelry ring of Hello Kitty’s head for a few years. I had a baby doll Hello Kitty T-shirt when I was thinner (now it might only fit my right thigh). Actually, I found a picture of me in the shirt. This was maybe 8 or so years ago: 

Recently, I purchased a faux nad plate with Hello Kitty’s head. Here’s a look I created using China Glaze Bad Kitty (hahaha!) and pink rhinestones in her bow on my ring fingers. I used Black Special Polish for the stamps which I apologize are not all even LOL:

Then, when my mom and I were in New York City, I spotted Hello Kitty  roaming the street looking for donations in exchange for pictures with her, and I decided to hand over my $1 and take a picture with her:

So while I am greatly amused by the web site Hello Kitty Hell, Hello Kitty will always hold a special place in my heart 🙂