Tuscan Harvest – Borghese Fall 2009

Since Borghese lacquers were buy one get one half off at Ulta (sale ends 9/26/09!), I picked up three from their new limited edition fall collection called Tuscan Harvest.

It looked like there were six to eight Tuscan Harvest polishes, and most of the colors were represented in the display except a couple. I choose the three I did because I was in a red mood, and I had other purchases to make so I couldn’t afford to buy one of each, and these really were the three that spoke to me and said “Take us home!!! We will look gorgeous on you!” 🙂

First up is Amaretto Fig, my favorite of the three. These two are in the sun:


Amaretto 3

And this one is in the shade:

Amaretto 2

Amaretto Fig is this gorgeous brown-based red/slight gold shimmer that just shouts AUTUMN! It’s also duochrome-like and I love me some duochrome! This is one of my new favorite polishes.

After using it a few times, I really dig the Borghese brush. It helps you form that perfect half-moon shape near your cuticle without bumping the cuticle trying to make it. I’m getting better at applying these polishes!

Next up is Tuscan Earth – in the sun:

Tuscan Earth 2

And in the shade:

Tuscan Earth

Tuscan Earth is a creamy red that definitely has brown undertones. Yet, in the sun it looks like a pinky red. This color is really complimentary to my skin, and it was the first color that popped out at me in this collection.

Next is Rossi Apple – in the sun:

Rossi 2

And in the shade:


Rossi Apple is such a gorgeous red shimmer. It’s a couple shades lighter than most red shimmers I have, and I love it. All of these colors have been complimentary to my skin tone and they are WOWSERS to look at in the sun, but just as gorgeous and shiny – I didn’t use topcoat! – in the shade.

Some of you said you were glad to see this brand highlighted in my Friday post, so I hope you enjoy this Sunday post! My Ulta had two seasonal displays of Borghese, and they just added a rack of Borghese (no more messy endcap!) next to Nicole by OPI, all in the same aisle as Sally Hansen.

What do you think of these colors? Are you going to take advantage of the Ulta sale, or give Borghese a shot?!

Thanks for stopping by friends!