Thursday Poll 9/17/09 and Konad Kontest KOTDs

As the week winds down, I am falling more behind on blog reading. ack! I’ve only been reading a couple here and there before work and in the evening and each night I’ve been doing a post here and there but I’ve been spending time with my boyfriend before I go away. Seven days is a long time and I’ll miss him 🙁

Today I thought I’d show off a couple of my favorite Konadicures with some of the plates that you can win – WIN?! Oh yes, that’s right. REMEMBER?! In conjunction with Esther from KissMyPinky I’m giving away Konad Set A! See here for the prize and contest deets! Woooo hooo! I’m very excited about this contest and I have been loving all your creative, fun and thought-provoking entries! I do hope you all won’t mind if I share some of them after the winner is announced! You guys do gorgeous manis. But I knew that already – you guys rock! Anyway, you have a little more than a week to go to enter!

So here’s a couple NOTD photos from recent weeks – two are recycled!

miss world 2

Miss World by SpaRitual; Plate M9 with Special Polish in Wine Red.

erin island 2

Erin Island by Quirius (Q.R.S. Beauty). Plate M7 with China Glaze Cherish for stamping.


Sally Hansen Chrome in Peach Crystal. Plate M7 with Special Polish in Blue. I’m holding a large Yankee Candle in this photo called Willow Breeze.

I’ve packed my work clothes for my trip next week, but I’m no where near done packing (there’s still the makeup and nonwork clothes to think of!) and of course, I’m debating on what to do about my nails. I will have very little time for manicures between Sunday and next Saturday. So…

What polish color/brand would you suggest I wear for my business trip next week?!

I may pack a color or two, and if I have any time I’ll do a quick little redo. I’ve already got a mini bottle of Seche Vite and a 99 cent container of polish remover waiting to go in the suitcase. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by friends. Happy almost Friday!!!