Official word on those China Glaze glitters!

I got an email from my contact at China Glaze that shares with us what’s going on with these gorgeous polishes. I am doing this before work and have to rush to get ready but I wanted to share this with you!

From ChG: They are not sure yet if the Speciality Colors are going to be a part of the permanent collection. It all depends on how well they do, and definitely not all 50 colors will be included.
There are 46 glitters and 4 cremes in the Speciality Colors.

They are still shipping out the colors, and not every store will have all 50…you just have to check different stores if you are looking for a specific color.

So there you have it! Word from China Glaze one what’s going on with these beauties we’re all raving about! Thanks! Hope you’re all having a fab Tuesday. Mine has only just begun 🙂