Milani "Welcome Back Color" Collection

What a busy week it’s been! I’m a bit behind in my blog readings today! I spent last night checking out some new ones that I’ve added to the ol’ blogroll!

Today I’ve got six polishes from the Milani Welcome Back Color collection to share! I went into this Milani collection having had a bad experience with their polishes the first time I tried them. But  I’d heard some good things about this collection from other bloggers and when I saw the display at my local CVS, I decided to try them.

Folks, I gotta say, I love these glitters! I picked up six; Glittering Coral, Gaudy Yellow, Shimmering Purple, Gleaming Green, Sparkling Blue and Flashy Orange.

Half of what I picked up – except Shimmering Purple, Glittering Coral and Gleaming Green – are creme-based polishes. The others are shimmers. All of these have bar glitter and other holo glitters in them and they pack a nice sparkle, although I am a bit disappointed with how much sparkle they pack; they bling out much better in the bottle than on your fingers. You polish on your second coat and it hides the sparkle of the first coat. You drag bar glitter to your tip and when you try to fix it you have to fix your fix and some of it can get clumpy. Perhaps this is because I don’t have long nails? I don’t know. But it wasn’t too much of a hassle for me, I’m willing to put up with things like this for interesting polish!

Take-off, with felt and acetone, wasn’t much trouble at  all.

Without further ado, here’s Glittering Coral!

glittering coral

I’m bummed you can’t see glittery goodness of this polish on my nails like you can see it in the bottle! What you can see on my nail is the ridges, so I decided after wearing this for a day that I may need to use ridgefiller on my nails instead of Diamond’s Super Base with these polishes.

Next up! Gaudy Yellow:

gaudy yellow 2

I definitely thought this color was a horrible match for my skin tone. I Konaded over top of it to liven it up…see that here.

Next up…Gleaming Green:

gleaming green

Isn’t she a green beauty!? I liked the formula on these nail polishes overall,which I was surprised about because that was my biggest problem with Milani previously.

Shimmering Purple:

shimmering purple

This had a jelly consistency when I put it on. It’s so shiny and sparkly – the glittery really blinged out on this one! I am impressed that with a top coat, these polishes aren’t texturized as much on the nail like glitters can be.

And…A fun, Flashy Orange never hurt nobody:

flashy orange

This orange works both ways for me: summertime beach ball and Halloween pumpkin. A Flashy for all occasions!

THIS is my favorite of this collection (that I picked up, anyway…there are others, including a couple pinks that Kris reviewed on her blog, Kris Primps!), Sparkling Blue:

Sparkling blue

Isn’t she a beautiful blue creme?! *swoon swoon* Have I ever mentioned how much I love the color blue? I have? Ok. But yes, I do love it 🙂

So there you have my picks from the Welcome Back Color collection. I have four of the Black Magic collection, as well ( Enchantment, Magical, Fairy Tale and Whimsical) so I’ll do them in another post. Steph did some great swatches of that collection here!

Thanks for stopping by friends, have a great day!