Milani "Black Magic" collection

I couldn’t wait to swatch these Milani “Black Magic” polishes for you! Diana and I put a hurtin’ on the lone display at a Philly CVS, going for the same colors. Although I admit, I was on the fence about Enchantment and didn’t get it that day. But when I saw it again, I snatched it up.

These polishes are really a simple breakdown: each one is a black polish with a different, brightly pigmented glitter in them. At first coat they look jelly-like:


That’s one coat of Magical. Black polish with orange glitter. Amazing Halloween color. Here’s the full swatch, two coats to opacity for me:

magical 3

And check it out with flash on:

magical 2

With the flash on you can see some bald spots close to the cuticle, but I couldn’t tell just looking at them. This is one of my favorites from this collection!

Next up is the on-the-fence color, Enchantment:


Enchantment 2

Enchantment is a pretty blue-purple (violet?!) glitter. With it on my nail, I don’t know why I passed it up the first time!

Here’s Fairy Tale. I love my blues!:

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale 2

Fairy Tale is a gorgeous blue glitter that makes me think: ball. Ball gown, tiara, Cinderella. If Cinderella was a lil punk rock. 🙂



Whimsical 2

The boyfriend was taken by Whimsical, a purple glitter. As I was prepping the photos of my swatches (cropping etc.) he said, “The glitter doesn’t pop, but that one just has a nice sheen to it!”

I think that’s true of most of this collection. Although I didn’t pick up Charmed or (I forget the name of the red one!) because they weren’t very unique to me.

Ah, I love that my boyfriend not only tolerates but encourages my nail polish habit 🙂 (Oh wait, he said, “I wouldn’t go as far as to say ‘encourage.’ But…”

Uh huh. Let me hear what I want to, honey 🙂

Thanks for stopping by friends!