La Strada Rose by Borghese

When I worked at Ulta I dismissed Borghese, because it was tucked away on an end cap in mass cosmetics – not with the other salon polishes like OPI and China Glaze.

I admit it! I went through a bit of a polish snob phase (until blogging started opening up my polish-thinking ways once again!). Because of that, I never realized how lovely these polishes really are.

One of my little polish treasures from my outing with Diana (Painted Lady Fingers) included my first Borghese. My interest in Borghese started when Diana asked if there was a polish that she used in her blog that I was interested in seeing in person, and I responded that I wanted to see Borghese Campanula Bellflower. I thought it was such a pretty purple.

I ended up with my own bottle, as well as a bottle of La Strada Rose. Both of us were looking for this rose shade in one of the combo packs (Borghese is around in drug stores and Ulta with a free Presto Top Coat attached to some polish bottles for a limited time). We couldn’t find any but I picked up the shade without the freebie.

Here’s a swatch:

La Strada

 The formula was a bit thick, but not unworkable. In fact, I thought the thickness helped me navigate the polish over my nails with the brush. The wand of the brush was rectangular/flat, and the brush was wide and curved at the tip. See?

la strada 5

I don’t have too many complaints about this polish, except that I had some tip wear in less than 10 hours:

la strada 2

To be fair, I don’t know how much I blame that on the polish. I do my nails the night before for the following day, and the manicure I did the night before this one was horrific – it wasn’t originally La Strada Rose.

I woke up, took the ugly mani off my nails and repainted them with La Strada Rose! I used a coat of Seche Vite to finish it. And then out the door I was to work.

(It was probably quite amusing to watch me driving down the street as I had my left hand out in the driver’s side window, in the cool morning air, drying my nails and I’d switch with the right hand up out of the sun roof of my car)!

I also type a lot at work, and just don’t think the manicure had enough total drying time before I was pounding away at the keyboard.

Funny though, one of my friends at work actually mentioned in passing, “Look, your nails match your shirt!” Ha!

la strada 3

Indeed. 🙂

To wrap things up, the story behind Borghese is interesting and if you have a moment, you can read it here. The Italian/Tuscan heritage of this brand does not surprise me. The bottle shape and the pictures on the displays have always prompted me to picture Italy.

The best word I can think of to describe my polish experience with Borghese is “lovely.”

Thanks for stopping by friends! TGIF!!!