Comparison: 1 MAC vs. Sephora by OPI and 1 MAC vs. RBL

The MAC Nail Trend Collection by Jin Soon has some great colors in it, but I felt like I’d already seen a couple of them in other collections.

Of course, the colors I felt I’d already seen were the colors I liked, so I ended up getting them, but I couldn’t help but compare – MAC Dry Martini vs. Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War (from last fall), and MAC Beyond Jealous with Sephora by OPI Dark Room (this fall)

First up: Dry Martini vs. No More War:

dry martini no more war

There’s a definite difference when you look at the bottles; Dry Martini is a tad darker. But how ’bout on the nail? This is a shot with flash:

dry war

And a shot outside in the evening with no flash:

dry war 2

There’s definitely a difference. Dry Martini has more brown tones to it, especially noticable in the second shot! Both are great colors, though I think Dry Martini looks better on me.

Next up is Beyond Jealous vs. Dark Room:

beyond dark

In the bottle, these looked pretty darn similar to me! And on the nail? This shot is with flash:

beyond dark 3

And this is outside, no flash:

beyond dark 2

Is it just me, or are these two polishes pretty interchangable?! Perhaps the magic lies in the wear and longevity of the polishes. The difference to me is about $3 ($9 for Dark Room, $12 for Beyond Jealous).

What do you think?!

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