China Glaze's new glitter polishes Part I!

I’m not the hugest fan of glitter polish, because it’s such a pain in the ass (PITA) to take off.

BUT. I am a huge fan of glitter polishes because I’m a girl that loves sparkly things…so I continue to buy them and wear them, like the ones I’ve got to show to you today!

By now we all know about China Glaze’s new glitters. Word on the street is that there will be 50… FIFTY!!! I had contacted China Glaze about two weeks ago to bring you more information, but since I haven’t heard from them, and I still wanted to post about the polishes, I figured swatches now, and if I find out anything later, I’ll post it!

 I found these six at Victoria Nail Supply and four others at Sally Beauty. The four at Sally’s also have four corresponding base polishes you can buy. The set I’m showing you today is the set available for purchase at Victoria Nail Supply! Tomorrow, I shall show you the ones available at Sally Beauty Supply.

I’ve recently started using felt (cut into squares) and using acetone to remove glitter polishes, and it’s quite effective with less elbow grease than using cotton balls or paper towels! So this is how I do when I do glitt-ah, friends! And it’s no longer a PITA!

I use cuticle oil and massage it into my nail beds and cuticles after using acetone, because it’s rough. For these swatches,  I was trying to catch the sun before it fell below the horizon to sleep for the night, and I just boom-boom-boom did five swatches without any cuticle oil. My cuticles and nails are happy to report they enjoyed the extra few minutes of massaging before I finally settled on a manicure later that night 🙂

These glitters are like WHOA when you look at them. They’re packed so full of regular and larger holographic glitters that I had to take close-ups of most of the bottles to show you!

Here’s the first one, Preppy Pink:

preppy pink

preppy pink 2

Ok, so Preppy Pink is the only color I don’t have a close-up bottle shot of, or even a great picture to show you the holographics in the glitter that rests in this sweet, light pink! The formula on this was great, not too thick, not too runny. It was pretty flat even before top coat, so Konading over top (with Special Polish in Red and plate M59) was no problem. This would make for a good Valentine’s Day mani 🙂

Next up is Bad Kitty!:

bad kitty

bad kitty 2

I’m hearing Stevie Wonder sing, “Isn’t she Looooovvvveellly!” Bad Kitty is jelly pink with big and small holo glitters. It reminds me of a watermelon Jolly Rancher. If I had a Hello Kitty Konad plate, I’d be stamping that on this!

This is the last of the pinks today, Carnival Lights:

carnival lights 2

Did I mention I was chasing sunlight when I took these? That is why the pics are not bright white light! But here is a great closeup:

carnival lights

You can see that Carnival Lights is a bit chunkier on the nail, but it’s not short of glitz! Again with small and large holo glitter flecks, this bright pink definitely needed a top coat!

This next one is one of my favorites. I love pinks, but I love warmer tones because they work well with my coloring. This is Ginger:

ginger 2


This one was a bit smoother than Carnival Lights. It’s got a great coppery color to the base. I would wear all of these colors without a base color.

This next one is called Meteor Shower. It’s a dark blue base with copper, silver and some holo glitter:

meteor shower 2

meteor shower 3

And a close-up of the bottle:

meteor shower

OoooO! This one is so pretty and unique!!! The only thing that bugged me was the formula. This one and the next one, Cosmic, were really thick. I may need to add a couple drops of thinner. But … they are out of this world! (um, pun totally intended hehehe!)


cosmic 2


I thought maybe Icing’s Blackout was a dupe for this, but they are different. That’s more holographic than holographic glitter. This one has silver and holo glitters in it and it’s just gorgeous!

SO there you have it! Part one of the new China Glaze glitters. Again, you can purchase these at Victoria Nail Supply for $3.50 a piece (plus S&H). My experience with them was great. I ordered and got the polish in a timely fashion!