Sep 01 2009

Arissa Colorvantage Nail Lacquer

Today I’m showing you a brand that is totally new to me, called Arissa Colorvantage Nail Lacquer. I found it at Family Dollar selling for $2 a piece.

The nail polish came in packaging and the back of the package says that these polishes have Vitamin E, and are Big 3 Free!

The bottles are huge, they hold .50 fl oz. of nail polish! The cap is rubberized, which is awesome. I generally like polishes that have a shorter distance between the cap and the brush so that I can manipulate the strokes on my nail better, but these brushes (they are longer, more like Love My Nails brush/cap length) are easy to work with and I had no problems in application of the nail polish! So without further ado, here’s swatches! I am saving my favorite mani from this Arissa haul until the end 🙂

beaming bronze

Beaming bronze 2

Beaming Bronze is a metallic bronze with an orangey/red hint to it. I didn’t think this one complemented my nails very well; you can really see the ridges with this one. I used the same base coat – Foundation Base Coat by Nubar – for each of these swatches and yet this is the only one that demonstrated my nails for the bumpy beings that they are. Hmm.



Rockin’ Amethyst is such a gorgeous purple! It’s got noticeable blue shimmer/fine glitter to it! It reminded me of Color Club’s Electronica, but that has more of a pinky shimmer than blue. I absolutely love this purple.

Peachy Keen

peachy keen 2

I was really unsure how Peachy Keen would look with my skin tone but it went really well! I decided this would be my manicure so I also took Nfu Oh #49 and gave it one coat!

nfu 49

nfu 49 3

I am bummed I couldn’t quite capture it’s awesomeness on my nails but boy does it glow in that bottle. Of course, I couldn’t resist Konading it, either!

nfu 49 2

Nfu 49 4

You can see the awesomeness of Nfu Oh #49’s flakies in that last picture best, I think! I used plate M61 with Special Polish in Black.

Has anyone else seen Arissa? You can buy them on the Arissa Studios web site (link in the first line of this post) for $4 a piece. I didn’t see the shades I bought in the online selection, though.

Thanks for stopping by friends!

  • Deez

    So is Rock’in Amethyst a glass flecked polish, it really looks like one?

    • beautyjudy

      I pulled it back out and inspected it. It certainly does have the right qualifications…the shimmer seems to hang in the jelly and it’s a little larger than a fine shimmer but not glitter. So I would say that maybe this is! Maybe I’ll see if I can find someone from Arissa to tell us!

      • beautyjudy

        FYI – I sent a message to them via their contact info on their web site! If/when I get a response I’ll let you know!

  • Lucy

    Hi Judy! I’ve never heard of this brand. The first one does look terrible. The color isn’t bad on you but it really emphasises your ridges. The rest hide them. That purple is amazing, looks gorgeous on you. Peachy Keen looks gorgeous also. I really like that one. Cute all glittered and Konaded up!

    • beautyjudy

      It’s ok, I admit it, my nails look like crap in that first swatch LOL!! I will definitely need a ridge filler with that polish! Thanks for stopping by Lucy!!