A Koala-ty swap!

Oh, I couldn’t resist that title as my boyfriend asked me what kind of Australian quibs I was going to use in my post when I got my first swap package and started swatching my goodies from down under. So babe, that one’s for you! 😉

I was having a horrible day on Friday. Everyone has bad days at work, or stressful days. I went home for a late lunch before finishing my day, and when I got there, I spied the box on my front porch.

It was my first swap package, all the way from Australia from Nixxy! Check it out:

australian haul 2

Phew! There is BYS silver eyeliner, glitter mascara, glitter cream eye shadow, glitter pencil eyeliner, two of the most adorable Koala keychains (one of which is already with my house and car keys 🙂 ), a small platypus, BYS glitter dust with activator, BYS lipgloss…and oh, the polish!

australian haul

Top row, left to right: BB Couture Butt-Naked Bronze, Green Goblin; BYS polish in Ocean Breeze, Dazzling and Peppermint. Bottom row, left to right: ChG Flying Dragon, Zoya Ivy, Ozotic pro in 502 and Icing in Fiesta.

Wow. This package blew me away. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and this was just generous and so exciting to paw through! Oh! And I didn’t even show you the best part! The edible goodies!


Tim Tams! I opened them this morning and had a couple. Or five. I am going to have to take them on the plane with me tomorrow! If they make it that long! wooo!

Here’s a couple swatches of the polish! When I finally got done work Friday, I went home and quickly put on BYS Dazzling before going to dinner with my bestie, Linda! This is a gorgeous minty green jelly-based glitter polish, with big hex glitters and smaller gitters in green and silver. Oh, this is gorgeous! My nails really sparkled!


Dazzling 2

Dazzling 3

That last shot – isn’t the bottle pretty!?

Next up! Green Goblin by BB Couture:

green goblin

I love this dark green creme! But I knew I would probably stick to layering with BYS Peppermint, so I put her overtop:


This really could stand on its own, it’s got gazillions of tiny silver sparkles, and bigger holo glitters. But it’s so pretty on top of GG!

Oh – wait! The platypus wants to get in on the photo action!

Peppermint 2

Peppermint 3

That was fun! I wish I had more time to swatch before my trip but alas, I don’t 🙁 I will swatch more when I come back! This week I have posts planned for while I’m away, and I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for stopping by, friends, and thanks to Nixxy for a wonderful first swap experience!!! You’re a doll!!