A day of polish and plants

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I had brunch with Diana from Painted Lady Fingers. I live in Jersey quite close to Philadelphia, where she is, so we met in the city for brunch and a day of plant shopping and, of course, drug store hopping on a random nail polish mission.

She was delightful company and is as lovely and spirited as she sounds in her blog! I was horribly self conscious about being sick (I sound very froggy and kept coughing and blowing my nose…ugh. So not delightful!) but she was very gracious and seemingly not grossed out, which was nice LOL.

It was neat, being in the company of someone who can talk names of nail polishes and doesn’t mind going into two or three different Rite Aids just to see what they’ve got! Oh, and how cool it was to walk into CVS and express the same excitement over finding a display of those Milani Black Magic polishes with enough left so we could both get a set, if we wanted to full set (which neither of us did but we still put a hurting on that display). And as she was happy to let me buy the only bottle of Black Radiance Bold & Sexy polish in Risque at our first Rite Aid stop, I was very excited to be there the moment she found the Wet n Wild Craze polishes!

And friends, her nails? GORGEOUS.

So, I look forward to hanging out with her again and will have to take her to my beauty supply store haunts and my local Rite Aid with Jesse’s Girl 🙂

Today in honor of our get together I thought I’d do a little NOTD showcasing the little plants I procured in our plant sale adventure. I figured that if I could help keep a front garden full of impatients growing all summer, maybe I’m ready for house plant ownership…

That little wooden cat sign peeking its head through the flowers says "A spoiled cat lives here." True story!

That little wooden cat sign peeking its head through the flowers says "A spoiled cat lives here." True story!

… So I am now the proud owner of a small fern plant and a small cactus! They don’t have names yet (I name everything from my car to my plants. I’m a nut!) but maybe in the photo shoot their names will become apparent. (Oh and ask Diana about her medusa cactus!) Enjoy!

First, a shot of me holding the bottle of Black Radiance Bold & Sexy in Risque:


Now, with the pretty littler fern:


… its care tag calls it a Fittonia…perhaps it should have the name Nia!

risque 1

Nia’s tiny little fern leaves are perfect for manicure picture taking!

Risque 3

… But now the cactus would like to play, too:

risque 6

Echeveria? I shall call you Che Che … and photograph you!

Risque 4

Risque 5

Only one more, Che Che would rather have a “cool, dry winter” than a late summer morning sun drenching!

risque 7

Thanks for stopping by friends! Enjoy your day!