Aug 12 2009

Ink for Eyes by Urban Decay

Urban Decay has come out with a funky new set of cream eyeliners called Ink For Eyes:


The eyeliner case is in the shape of a coffin and has an awesome peacock design on the front of it. The top of the coffin box opens  up, like this:

coffin 2

Cool, right? I absolutely love this product package design!! But what about the product itself? If I spend $22 on eyeliner, it better be worth it!

The color I am demonstrating here is Binge, a navy blue:

ink for eyes 2


ink for eyes


I used Ulta brand eyeshadows – I took a crease brush and blended Mystique in the crease. I took a regular eyeshadow sponge tip applicator and swiped Organza over the lid, also blended in the crease. With the sponge applicator, I lightly used Moonbeam across my brow and blended it with the top of the other two colors.

The eyeliner was easy to use. I rubbed the brush across the palette and was able to easily make a tight, lean line across my upper lash line. I also swept up and out at the outer corner. To do this, I tilted my head up slightly, cocked it, looked down and took the liner brush from the end of the lash line, up.

This may take some practice, as it did for me – especially to get both eyes to look the same and not have lines going too far up or too far down compared with the other eye.

Side story – Want to know why I have trouble doing this? Interesting story (or so I think!) that pertains to all of us…

Just like sometimes women’s breasts are asymmetrical, our eyes are too, no matter how slight. I learned, through “Identity: An Exhibit of You,” at the Franklin Institute in Philly, that your face is not symetrical. The exhibit had an interactive display, that had a camera, which took a picture of my face, then split it in two. It then flipped a copy of one side of my face to match it on the other side, so that in one picture my face was made up of the right side of my face, and the other the left. I would look very different if my face were symmetrical, so I’m very happy with my asymmetrical face!

ink for eyes 3

Anyway! Ink For Eyes stayed put all day and came off easily with a Neutrogena Ultra-Soft Eye Makeup Remover Pads. The brush that comes with the eyeliner is a nice length for holding and applying, and I like the smudger at the other end.

Like I said, Ink for Eyes is $22.  But right now, Urban is having a Friends and Family sale – 30%!!! Use the code FNFF1 until August 20!

Ulta makeup is also on sale often, and the shadows are a good bargain in terms of quality and price. Right now, the shadows are regular price but with a purchase of $17.50 or more of Ulta cosmetics (for more, see the online sale ad!) you get a free gift (more makeup!).

Happy Hump Day, friends! Friday is almost upon us!!

  • Teresa

    Hey I saw this via the UD wall on FB, I posted something regarding this product right before you. Did you try removing with the urban decay brand remover? It smudged hardcore and took 2 times of using remover, scrubbing (which is horrible for your eyes) with a wash cloth, and finally the rest of the black ring around my eyes was gone after that AND face wash. Maybe this just happens with the black? Did you try the black color with these remover pads you speak of or just this blue you’re demonstrating? I’m curious to know. And are the remover pads oil free? I’ve never had good luck with ANY remover pad so I’m skeptical, it always takes extra remover and a good face washing to get rid of makeup even after using a cloth. Thanks for the input!

    • beautyjudy

      Hi Teresa, thanks for stopping by!
      No, I didn’t have any removal problems, and I believe the pads are oil-free, if you click the link it’ll tell you more about the product. This is actually the first time I’ve used remover eye makeup pads myself and I was surprised that they remove my eye makeup gently. I have more of a tough time removing MAC liquid liner and Milani’s liquid eyeliner than Ink for Eyes. And no – it didn’t smudge for me. I only tried Binge, not the blank one, I wonder if you’re right about it being just the black one?
      I usually like to use Neutrogena’s Oil Free Makeup Remover with Swisper pads, and that works well. I found it to be a cheaper alternative to Clinique’s oil free makeup remover (the kind in the purple bottle).
      Because I have rosacea I can only use certain face wash products and most times I just use Dove soap. It never totally removes my eye makeup but it definitely helps loosen things up for when I go at it with the makeup remover.
      I hope this helps! Good luck and I appreciate a fellow Urban Decay fan stopping at my blog!!! 🙂

  • beautyjudy

    Jenn – Ulta eyeshadows, to me, are up there with Urban Decay shadows. I just recommend using a primer (of course I love UD Primer Potion!) before applying the shadows. They come in fun colors, and they’re easy to use.
    While I love me some trendy, high-end makeup, I also love me some Wet n Wild and bargain finds 🙂

  • Jenn

    I’m so happy you like Ulta cosmetics. Moving to a bigger place, my rent is going up by a bit, so I won’t have as much $$ to throw around on fancypants makeup, so it’s good to know Ulta brand is good. This is why I’m also so happy you looked at drugstore brands. 🙂

    • beautyjudy

      PS! Good luck with your move!

      • Jenn

        Thanks! And I HAVE Urban Decay primer, thanks to you. Two, actually, since I bought that Urban Decay trifecta thing with the liner and the primer and something else — it was on sale at Sephora for $11. (That reminds me, I have to go get my birthday glosses!) 🙂

        I’ll stop having ADD on your blog now. 🙂