Drug Store Finds: Walgreens

I left the Teal Toes post up an extra day this week because a) it got so much attention and b) I felt it was an important cause and I wanted as many people as possible to learn about the cool things they can accomplish with teal toe nail polish! 🙂

So today I decided instead of doing the Thursday Poll, I’ll catch up on my Drug Store Finds series!!! If you have any ideas for future Thursday Polls – please email me at beautyjudyblog@gmail.com, I am always open to suggestions, ideas and any thing else you’d like to share!!

This week: Walgreens!

I don’t know about your Walgreens, but when I walk in, I’m dumped right into the makeup aisle. For goodness sake, could you make it any easier for a beauty addict to get her fix?! But with some of the prices and products I’m sharing today, it’s not so bad: it’s clutch! 🙂

Walgreens boasts one of my favorite drug store polish brands: Sinful Colors. According to the company’s web site they offer more than 300 nail colors! They also offer daring shades of lipstick, eye shadow and many other beauty items.

At Walgreens, you can buy many of the polishes, which retail for $1.99 a piece.

Show Me the Way by Sinful Colors

Show Me the Way by Sinful Colors

Show Me the Way is a great green shimmer with yellow/gold hints. The yellow tint isn’t as strong or pearlized as I’ve seen in other nail polishes. I love it! I used this when I got my acrylics filled and the girls a) were all gushing over it and b) thought it was China Glaze!

Let Me Go by Sinful Colors

Let Me Go by Sinful Colors

Let Me Go is one of my new favorite colors. It’s this pearlized pink/lavender with hints of blue, green, champagne and OMG! This polish is beautiful. It looks like it does on my nails and it looks on my nails as it does in the bottle, it’s just so prismatic! 🙂

Euro Trash by Sinful Colors

Euro Trash by Sinful Colors

Euro Trash is a great light gold shimmer with lots of fine, irridescent glitter. I loved the name. But I think I would need tan hands to properly pull it off!

Serena and Chloe by Sinful Colors

Serena and Chloe by Sinful Colors

Serena and Chloe is a shimmery burnt orange/red color with again, a sparkle of fine glitter. What pop this color has! Feelin’ hot hot hot!

Daddy's Girl by Sinful Colors

Daddy’s Girl by Sinful Colors

Daddy’s Girl is an awesome purple shimmer with purple/pinkish glitter. Not sure why but inside, outside, with flash and without, I couldn’t get a good picture of the glitter in this color. But the color is all it’s got going for it.  When I took it off my acrylics, it had stained them purple. I never use a base coat over my acrylics, so I would definitely recommend that if you use this color on your own acrylics, or on your natural nails especially, use a base coat!!! But the color is like POW! and I was happy I found a Color Club color just like it called Electronica.

A total side note, but I also saw a bunch of Jordana Cosmetics at Walgreens in a display above the Sinful Colors nail polishes. I don’t know why I didn’t notice them before! Only lip/eye liners and a couple different lip gloss offerings, but still! It reminded me why I started writing about drug store makeup in the first place!

Anyway! Onto more great finds at Walgreens…

I don’t know why drug store makeup reminds me so much of my childhood, but when I think of my childhood love of makeup, Wet n Wild was the best. I took what money I made from selling my Garbage Pail Kids cards to my friends (and loom-made potholders to their parents!) to the local Woolworth’s where I bought Wet n Wild nail polishes and lipsticks (when I was allowed!). Growing up, I grew out of Wet n Wild. Until a few years ago.

I was in line to purchase clothes at New York & Company and the cashier had on this amazing bright green eyeliner and nude eye shadow. It was a beautiful combo! I asked her about the liner, and she told me it was from Wet n Wild. I was shocked! The next time I went to the drug store, I stumbled across the liner. It has become, next to my Urban Decay liquid liners, my top favorite liquid eye liner for longetivity and ease of application. I have used it in other colors in addition to the one I most often use, Turquoise. (I featured Turquoise in an earlier liquid liner post.)

So here’s a look using Wet n Wild…Speed Gloss in Crazed on my lips ($3.99 ), MegaEyes eyeshadow trio ($2.99) in Venetian Violets (383a) with Wet n Wild Mega Liner ($2.99) in 864 (Purple) on my eyes:

hahaha, I think the ID across my nose is kinda funny :)

hahaha, I think the ID across my nose is kinda funny 🙂

It’s neat how purple eye colors make my blue eyes look green. The shadow, applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion, lasted all day. The lip gloss has a fun, pepperminty flavor to it and feels pleasantly tingly. Not painful tingly! Didn’t really get any get-up-and-go from the gloss as it promised.

I found a Wet n Wild nail polish that is super awesome, 99 cents, and is sort of a color dupe for Shu Uemera’s Tanzanite Aquarium!! It’s all silver holographic glitters and purple! I love it!!!

This color is GORGEOUS!

This color is GORGEOUS!

I also found the color Carribean Frost, which I swatched in my post about Teal Toes and ovarian cancer awareness.

There you have it! Some good Walgreens finds!! Remember, sometimes price can be deceiving in that you can get so much more for so much less! I like to think of it as recession-proof beauty!