Here I am, 32-years-old, with a zit on my left cheek. Lucky me! It’s like I’m a teenager all over again! (Of course, without the benefit of having the summer off and no financial responsibility. *Sigh*)

I typically don’t wear a full foundation or concealer in summer, but when I have a zit, and I have somewhere I’m going like today, I cover it up. Here’s the ugly truth of my left cheek before makeup:

It isn't pretty, folks

It isn’t pretty, folks

Lovely, you can also see some of my red veins – my rosacea – in this pic. *shudder* The truth is, it’s hard to cover acne, because even when you do, you can still tell the texture of your face is uneven. But that doesn’t mean I don’t try my damndest!

To cover up my zit I used the following wonder tools:

Amazing Cosmetics concealer in Fair, and Eucerin Redness Relief concealer pen

Amazing Cosmetics concealer in Fair, and Eucerin Redness Relief concealer pen

I used the Eucerin Redness Relief Concealer first, dotting the green-tinted product on the zit and blending it into the surrounding areas. I usually use green-tinted moisturizer (except this summer I’ve been using tinted moisturizer) but I have this for “special occasions,” like this zit!

Then I took a small foundation brush and a tiny dot of Amazing Cosmetics concealer and dabbed that on the zit and blended it into the area around it. I dusted my face with bareMinerals Matte Foundation (SPF 15!) in Fairly Light. This is the result:

After product zit face!

After product zit face!

You can still tell there’s something there but thank goodness my cheek doesn’t look as red and irritated as it did above. Also, there isn’t a lot of caking with these products.

The truth is, my skin is usually ruddy like it is in the above photograph, minus the zit. You can see it on my chin and around my nose as well in that first pic. Perhaps this is why I love makeup so much; while I can use a topical prescription gel (and a couple months worth of antibiotics when I have a flare-up) that makes my rosacea better, the condition is incurable. And makeup helps me feel confident when I walk out the door.

When I worked in beauty retail, I tried a bunch of concealers on women and I can tell you, Amazing Cosmetics is the best I’ve seen. Lorac has a decent product as well. But I highly recommend Amazing Cosmetics.

When I got home last night, I washed my face and did a horrible no-no. I took a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol and dabbed it on the zit. It helped dry it out a bit and today it’s not as bad. But again, you probably shouldn’t be doing that (especially those of us with fair sensitive skin!).