Thursday poll 7/30 and OMG – Enchanted Forest and Dark Room!

So here we are, another Thursday! I will get to the poll but I had to share my exciting swatches:

Enchanted Forest by Orly!!!

Enchanted Forest by Orly!!!

Is Enchanted Forest not one of the smoothest creme polishes you’ve ever seen!? Ok, maybe I am a bit carried away hehehehe. I am not sure if I’m gaga for this because of all the buzz, but it is a gorgeous green creme with absolute smooth application. I really like Orly. I really dig the dark polish trend!

I also find that I don’t like OPI’s Pro-wide brushes as much as I like thinner brushes, because I get less polish on my cuticles and skin on the sides of my nails with thinner brushes. Total thumbs up to Orly!

Sephora by OPI - Dark Room

Sephora by OPI – Dark Room

And Dark Room! This is just as great but darker. Application was just as smooth. The depth of color in this is really cool. On Steph’s Closet, the swatch looks blue-ish, and I was a bit deflated about it (it still looked cute though). But in my house lighting (it was thunderstorming last night…no dice on outside photos LOL), this looked like a dark forest green with teal to it. But just a hint. I am officially in love, disappointment gone with the stroke of the brush!

Dark Room is available at, but you need to be Beauty Insider member to purchase it. If you haven’t signed up, go do it! 🙂

Now that I’ve gotten all my dark green excitement out of the way, today’s question is:

What is your favorite drug store makeup brand?

I guess mine would be a toss up between Wet n Wild and Maybelline!

Happy Thursday everyone!