Drugstore Finds: Rite Aid

Since my 5 & 10 finds and adventure  in Jim Thorpe, PA the weekend before last, I’ve been thinking a lot about the experience of buying makeup at the drug store.

Not everyone wants to spend a lot of dough on things like nail polish, eye shadow or lip gloss. Hello! We’re in a recession! Who can blame us for bargain hunting?! (But we still want to look good!) I’ve decided to do a series of once-a-week blog posts on the hunt to find unique brands that either aren’t in every drug store, or are brands aside from the obvious Revlon/Maybelline brands. I’ll also revisit cheap drug store offerings that maybe deserve a second glance (some of those to come later on in the series!)

This week I’m profiling Rite Aid.

Rite Aid has a couple cool nail polish offerings and one makeup brand in particular that I found intriguing: Jesse’s Girl. What drew me to Jesse’s Girl was the color range of the products! Iridescent eye dusts, lip glosses and glittery eyeliners:

"You know I wish that I had Jesse's Girl....Where can I find a woman like that?" (At Rite Aid!!!)

“You know I wish that I had Jesse’s Girl….Where can I find a woman like that?” (At Rite Aid!!!)

The glitter eyeliner ($1.99) was a bit rough on my skin and I will not use it again.

While I thought the Liquid Crystal Lip Gloss ($4.99) might be too blue-ish, it went on in a pretty, light neon purple. Very light. But oh-so-pretty. Only downfall is it requires frequent reapplication.

I used the nail polish, in Confetti ($2.99) over the tips of my nails with another nail polish I’ll talk about later in the post!

I wore the eye dust in Secret Weapon ($3.99) with Urban Decay Oil Slick eye shadow and Prestige eye color in Love (a smokey eye, bright green and pink combo!) for a surprise 30th birthday party Saturday night. The ruse was that we were going in a limo to “back to prom night” put on by the local FOP. (HA! We got her! 🙂 ) Here’s a shot of Secret Weapon:

Jesse's Girl Eye Dust is a light dust of heavily shimmery color!

Jesse’s Girl Eye Dust is a light dust of heavily shimmery color!

The eye dust wore great (when used over Urban Decay Primer Potion, of course!).

Back to the nail polish! I did a lil’ bling-i-cure without the nail art lacquer line:

Chameleon Blue Sky and Jesse's Girl Confetti on the tips.

Chameleon Blue Sky and Jesse’s Girl Confetti on the tips.

Which leads me to my next makeup find, Scherer. They had two kinds of nail polish: Scherer Chameleon and CQ nail polishes.

Chameleon was $2.99 while CQ was $2.59 per bottle. Chameleon in Blue Sky is shown above with Jesse’s Girl’s Confetti on the tips. Blue Sky is a pretty blue-ish purple with a green tint. Application was easy.

Chameleon Calypso, in the picture below, is a purple with a light pink/sometimes green or blue tint. Again, application was easy. It would also look good with Confetti!

Chameleon Calypso

Chameleon Calypso

Onto the CQ polishes:

CQ Cosmic Purple

CQ Cosmic Plum

CQ Cosmic Plum, above, is awesome – it’s like a light purple/yellow/pink shimmer! Application was easy. The color is so unique and it looks great with my skin tone! I absolutely love it.

CQ Silver Taupe

CQ Silver Taupe

CQ Silver Taupe is a great light taupe with flecks of silver shimmer. Again, easy application and great shimmer! I had to try this with Essie’s Matte About You:

Essie's Matte About you on pointer and ring fingers over CQ Silver Taupe!

Essie’s Matte About you on pointer and ring fingers over CQ Silver Taupe!

This looked great matte, and matte Silver Taupe is my Nail of the Day today! I’ll have to also try matte over one of the Chameleon colors, I bet that would look neat!

There you have it, folks. Some great drug store finds all under $5 at Rite Aid. Next time you stop by to pick up a card on your way to a birthday party, or to fill a prescription, check out the makeup aisles!