At the (nail?) of the matte-r

I’ve been Goggling around and found out that some of the hot nail trends for Fall 2009 are starting to debut. Some of these nail collections are already available for purchase on line!

One that baffles me is the matte nail. There’s been buzz around the nail blogging community about this, and you can see some great swatches if you click on any of those “Other Beauty Blogs!” to the right.

Matte mani-a!

So, OPI has added some of its colors as mattes. The six matte shades are not necessarily for fall, but there are some great  fall colors, like You Don’t Know Jacques (which debuted last fall in the France collection) and Russian Navy. It’s all the buzz when you click on the OPI site.

But I don’t know how I feel about wearing a nail color that recommends I don’t use hand lotion and admits it doesn’t wear as long as regular, shiny-old OPI nailpolishes. Hmmm. I wonder if this is a recommendation anyone wearing a matte should heed with any brand. Something to keep in mind if you splurge on this trend!

Zoya is debuting its Matte Velvet collection for Fall. I’ve never tried Zoya, but if I try this collection, I’ll probably try it in Posh, which is a red matte.

Essie is joining the other companies on the mat-te (haha!) with a product that acts as a matte top coat. Matte About You is $10, and promises to transform your polish into a matte.

Personally, this is the way I will probably go. Buy a matte top coat. Other companies with this concept are Orly. I recommend going to Head2Toe Beauty, which is where I send you on the link…just scroll down til you see “Matte Top” to purchase. I love dealing with them and they offer discounts on good polishes.

There’s also a company called Knock Out that offers matte polishes and a matte top coat called Flatte Top

Also, just a tip. If you want to go matte to see what it’s like without committing, and want to stay true to the brights of summer, go to Sally Beauty Supply for tiny bottles of Sally Girl Nail Color. I don’t know about all the colors, but I had a bright purple and another neon pink color that dried matte until I put Seche Vite over it! Oh, and the best part? Sally Girl is 99 cents!

Regular shiny-new polishes

For those of you not sold on the matte look, have no fear!

Zoya is launching the Truth Fall 09 collection.

OPI is launching it’s Spain collection, although it’s not up on the web site yet, I only saw swatches on other blogger’s sites. I spoke to someone at OPI on Wednesday, and they said August is when the collection debuts.

China Glaze is going back to the days of disco with its Retro Diva collection.

I checked Essie, but it looks like they’re still promoting their summer collection, and the introduction of Matte About You.

I’m sure drug store brands will also be debuting fall colors. Keep your eyes peeled!

I want to know: Have you tried the matte trend? Do you plan on it?!