A "Natural Muse"

I love color! I’ll wear purples with blues, yellows with coppers and just about any other color combo I can make work with my fair skin tone. But when it comes to my on-the-business-trip career look, I play it safe (on the road, like I said. While in the office today I’ll be sporting MAC Sushi Flower pink in my crease and Motif, a peachy-pinky, on my lid 🙂 )

Yesterday I had a couple things on my agenda: start reading a new book and pop over to Ulta for the latest in bareMinerals’ Face Fashion kits – “Natural Muse.” I saw it in the Ulta circular last week and I couldn’t wait to give it a shot. The kit, which you can see here, comes with a blush, a lip gloss, two eye colors and a liner that are all complementary shades. It costs $34.

The last kit I bought from this collection is “Earthy Chic,” and I love it; it’s the first thing I pack in my travel cosmetic bag for business trips. The colors go great with my black OR brown suits! You can see the “Earthy Chic” kit here. I hoped – and was pleased to see – that “Natural Muse” would be another great kit for the business traveling woman.

First, I used my sample of bareMinerals’ Matte SPF 15 foundation (my shade, Fairly Light), which I got a few days ago from Sephora (for free!). It also came with a mini kabuki brush, which I used to apply the foundation. Then, I took a Flawless Face brush and applied the Poppy blush to the apples of my cheeks and up my cheek bones.

(After I completed my makeup and I took a couple pictures to post in my blog, I realized I went too light on the blush and applied more; this time I swept the brush across my forehead near my hairline and down my nose.)

I used a Tapered Crease Definer brush (all the brushes I refer to here are id Bare Escentuals brushes) to apply the Smoked Clay eye color to my crease. I also used the same brush and swept on some of the color across my lower lash line from the outer corner crease towards the pupil of my eye. The line of shadow was a bit thicker but I went lightly so the dark color was subtle. I used the Heavenly Eyeshadow Buffing brush to apply the other eye color, Nude Chiffon, over my lid, up to my eyebrows/over the brow bone, and blended the Smoked Clay color with it where it stopped on my lid (about a third of the way across the lid from the outer corner). Nude Chiffon has a nice glimmer to it. Then I took my Slanted Liner brush and applied the eyeliner shadow, Marina, in a thin line – thickening it just a tad at the outside corner of my eye – across my top lid close to my lash line.

I like using bareMinerals liner wet; I wet the brush, dab it against the outside of my hand to get some of the water off, then swirl it in the liner shadow that I’ve tapped into the cap. It’s more vibrant and lasts all day.

A couple side notes on bareMinerals liner shadows:

  • They’re great for traveling because I love liquid liners and unlike liquid liners, you don’t have to fit them into your one-quart liquids bag at the airport! But add a little water from your hotel bathroom sink and PRESTO! Liquid 🙂
  • They stay put! I’ve applied it as early as 7 a.m. and worn it until as late as 11 p.m. with very little touch-up.
  • I would recommend you do your eye makeup first. That way, if the liner shadow or the eye color dusts onto the tops of your cheeks or under your eye, you can wipe off and not ruin your perfect face!

Ok. Back to my “Natural Muse” face!

With my bareMinerals purchase at Ulta yesterday, I also scored a sample of Flawless Definition Mascara. The brush didn’t have regular bristles, so I was skeptical:

Brush from mascara sample

Brush from mascara sample

I applied it without my usual coating of Smashbox’s Layer (which usually lengthens and defines my lashes prior to mascara). The Flawless Definition mascara is like patent leather, and immediately defined my lashes, which are thin.

The completed look!

The completed look!

Kits like “Natural Muse” make it easy to put together a makeup look, and bareMinerals is not the only company that has such kits. I used to obsess over Too Faced’s palettes- the Quickie Chronicles I think they were called! Smashbox also sells kits.

Oh, and by the way…the book was great. I started AND finished it yesterday! It’s always good to accomplish what you set out to do, even on a relatively unambitious weekend day!