Plump my lips!

The first time I tried a lip plumper I was skeptical. I slathered the gloss all over my lips.

If I was sleepy, it would have woken me up. It felt like my lips were being stung by a bunch of little bees! I figured this was the price to pay for beauty. But is it?

I’ve tried a handful of lip plumpers and all of them have made my lips tingle and sting more than make my lips look voluptuous.

What follows is my own personal experience with a variety of plumpers, and knowledge gathered from talking to folks and reading product web sites.

DuWop Lip Venom: This is their first plumper, and the first one I ever tried. And I only used it twice. It has the worst sting of any plumper that has touched my lips. The overpowering scent of the oils – specifically the cinnamon essential oil – really got to me. The only thing it seemed to accomplish was making my lips sore and irritated. But then, that’s what the product seems to aim to do; this stimulated my lips so much the color changed to a deeper pink.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme: This is supposed to be a lip plumper that will actually KEEP your lips plumped. I tried it at a beauty store. According to the web site you use it like you would use your facial moisturizer every morning. I’m not sure if you have to apply it at night, too, or if it’s okay to keep applying it all day long (I am a gloss-a-holic…I can’t just apply once and be done!). This particular plumper made my lips pop the most, and didn’t hurt as bad as DuWop but it still stung. If you’re going to try a product, I’d say give this a shot. It’s going to set you back $27.50, though.

FusionBeauty Lip Fusion Lip Plump: I haven’t personally tried it, but I heard Fusion Beauty’s plumper acts differently than other plumpers – something about it working with the chemistry of your skin, not irritating it into swollen submission. This company offers not only lip gloss, but lip liners and lipsticks as plumpers. I have smelled the gloss and it is strongly scented kind like citrus, and that does not appeal to me. Neither does the $36 price tag but

O-Plump by Smashbox: I own this one. The gimmick that got me was that it reacts like a mood-ring with your skin, turning it the best shade of pink for your complexion. Oh, AND it is supposed to plump! Of all the color-changing glosses I’ve tried (I’ve tried two other ones), this one really gets the shade right! The plump? Slight but not memorable. Not as tingly. I’d still recommend it. It’s a great brand and a great gloss.

Buxom by ID Bare Escentuals: I’ve gotten Bare Escentuals color kits for holidays and birthdays, and they always seem to come with one of these Lip Polishes. I like them. The tingling that I feel with this on my lips is more cooling and pure than the feeling I got from Lip Injection Extreme or Lip Venom. I don’t really see any plumping going on and the only complaint I have is that the darker colored ones kind of feather on the natural line of my lips so that I look sloppy after wearing it a little while. I will probably have to try a liner with it some time.

I’ve also tried Ulta’s lip plumper, which reminded me a bit of O-Plump, but without the cool color-change benefit! I haven’t tried Sephora’s brand, but you can read about it here.

There are several other brands, and versions of the some of the other ones. Let me know if you’ve tried something else, or you’ve had a different or similar experience with any of the ones I mentioned in this post!